Using MoneyGuard in an Executive Bonus 162 Plan

03/20/2018 - 10:00am America/New_York

Are you talking to your business owners about healthcare expenses in retirement? Specifically Long-Term Care?

Join us and Chit Chatlain, AVP, Legal Advanced Sales at Lincoln Financial, as we uncover the answers to many of the questions that face both you and your business owner clients.

To Advisors:

  • • Business Owners not only have to think about protecting their loved ones, they also have  to think about protecting their business 
  • • Are they prepared to pay for an ongoing healthcare expense that could last several years?
  • • How would that impact the business?
  • • What would be the impact to overall revenue and day-to-day operations due to the loss of a key employee?
  • • Many employers no longer offer LTC benefits to their employees creating the opportunity to introduce asset-based LTC solutions


To Business Owners:

  • • Motivate, reward and retain Key Employees
  • • Protect their business interests
  • • Highly compensated employees might be concerned with healthcare expenses, protection of assets and/or taxation