How to Use Various Premium Strategies for More Leveraged LTC Benefits

10/24/2017 - 10:00am America/New_York

Zenith Marketing Group’s continuing series of LTC-focused webinars is essential training for the producer who needs to know about all the options available. This month, we're joined by Tim Lockwood, CLTC, Lincoln Financial's MoneyGuard Specialist. MoneyGuard is the premier product in the linked life/LTC space. 

During this exclusive webinar we will be demonstrating how to utilize a lump sum and flexible pay premium strategy to get more leverage on your LTC benefits. Creative strategies like this one can be the difference in closing more cases this year. 

Tim will conclude the session explaining Lincoln’s Care Coordination program. This unique program is a powerful resource available to family members and policyholders to assist in determining what care options are available to suit the policyholder’s needs.