As a brokerage general agency, it's our passion to provide you with insurance solutions that assist in increasing your profitability. Here is what you can expect when you partner with us:

  • Knowledge and Experience: We leverage our knowledge and expertise to show the consumer value available in the products we offer through top rated insurance carriers.
  • An Integrated Business Approach: We invest our time, energy, and knowledge into your business while developing a close personal relationship with you, allowing you to work more effectively. You can be confident that you receive a level of attention that results in thoughtful and creative options for your clients.
  • Frequent Contact: We regularly stay in touch with you to offer helpful ideas and sales strategies, as well as to provide timely industry updates and case information.
  • Technology Leadership: We recognize that cutting edge technology is a vital part of effectively managing your practice and communicating with your clients. As one of the most technologically advanced BGAs in the nation, we bring you the right solutions, training, and tools to help your practice rise above the ordinary.
  • Benefits from BRAMCO Financial Resources Membership: As part of one of the nation's largest and most regarded insurance marketing groups, we have access to exclusive and dedicated underwriting and case management teams at top rated carriers, which enables us to negotiate on your behalf for the best underwriting risk classes and to get your clients' contracts issued as quickly as possible.


Mike Gorlick

President & CEO

Barbara Seidel

Executive Vice President & COO

Doug Price

Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing



Our core values reflect what is truly important to us as an organization.

Ethics: We strive for all aspects of our company to uphold the highest possible moral competency and responsibility. Trust: Trust between our company and customers manifests itself through mutual respect and fulfillment of our commitments. Excellence: We aim to deliver extraordinary service that surpasses conventional expectations. Innovation: We aspire to find better solutions to meet the needs of our producers and their clients.
Integrity: Honesty is our best policy. We abide by it no matter how challenging the circumstances. Accountability: We are committed to responsibility and transparency in all of our actions. Creativity: We encourage our team to present new and insightful ideas. Perseverance: We are determined to overcome difficulties with patience, hard work, and ingenuity.